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Claywood Construction, a premier partner in the UK construction industry, specialises in Heritage and Conservation works. Our collaborative approach involves close coordination with architects, archaeologists, and historians, serving esteemed clients like English Heritage and The National Trust, as well as individual owners of historic properties.

With extensive expertise, our dedicated teams are committed to the meticulous restoration and preservation of significant civic and cultural buildings. We understand the meticulous attention required for successful conservation and restoration endeavours, safeguarding the integrity of original structures.

As heritage and conservation restoration contractors, we take pride in our esteemed reputation and extensive portfolio, having contributed to the preservation of numerous historical buildings spanning Leeds, Yorkshire, and beyond.

Our approach emphasises a careful balance of detail-oriented craftsmanship and structural assessment, ensuring stability and longevity for each project. With a proven track record and a dedicated team, we have earned the trust of clients for our expertise in heritage and conservation projects, evident in our diverse range of examples.

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