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In Claywood Construction's Traditional Service, we offer clients a pathway to clarity and expertise within the conventional project delivery method. In traditional contracts, clients embark on a journey where distinct entities handle the design and construction phases. Initially, clients engage in collaborative endeavours with architects or design teams, laying the groundwork for comprehensive project designs that align seamlessly with budgetary and scheduling requirements.

Following the design phase, clients transition to the competitive bidding process, a pivotal stage where general contractors are meticulously selected based on a range of factors including price competitiveness, depth of experience, and a track record of reliability and excellence. Once the client makes their choice, the selected contractor assumes responsibility for assembling subcontractors, orchestrating construction activities, and ensuring strict adherence to the predefined design specifications.

Upon project completion, the finalised product is ceremoniously handed over to the client, signifying the official transfer of ownership and responsibility. While the traditional contract method offers clear delineation of roles and competitive pricing, it may also present challenges such as potential conflicts between design and construction teams, as well as the possibility of prolonged project durations.

At Claywood, we stand committed to navigating these intricacies with efficiency and precision, ensuring successful project outcomes under the traditional contract framework.

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Claywood Construction excels in integrating design and construction, offering tailored solutions. Our in-house expertise and partnerships ensure designs meet client needs and budgets. Streamlined communication minimises conflicts, simplifies decision-making, and enhances efficiency. We deliver prompt, cost-effective turnkey services from concept to completion.


Claywood Construction specialises in transforming existing structures with precision. Our renovation expertise includes navigating challenges in compliance and building regulations. Collaborating closely with clients and design professionals, we enhance functionality and aesthetics while preserving existing features. Our meticulous craftsmanship ensures high-quality results that revitalise and repurpose buildings.


Claywood Construction brings extensive experience in traditional building contracts, offering clarity, transparency, and effective risk management. We collaborate seamlessly with client-appointed teams, competitively price full bills of quantities, and meticulously adhere to contract intricacies while delivering outstanding projects with professionalism and expertise.


Claywood Construction stands as a reliable partner and guide, providing customised project management services to fulfil the unique requirements of our clients. Our steadfast dedication ensures timely delivery, budget adherence, and top-tier quality, establishing us as a pinnacle of excellence in construction management.


Claywood Construction's Minor Works Department embodies our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, quickly becoming your preferred contractor. With extensive expertise and resources, we consistently achieve outstanding results on diverse small projects, enhancing our reputation as a respected service provider exceeding client expectations.


Claywood Construction's dedicated FM Team ensures the functionality, safety, and efficiency of buildings and facilities with customised solutions tailored to each client's specific requirements. Our Facilities Management Services serve as a trusted partner, preserving asset integrity and optimising performance for long-term value and reliability.

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